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The Power Duo

Gil and Stephen have been Touring together for many years. 

Stephen was the lead guitarist in the Indian Motorcycle sponsored band Gil Edwards and the Vintage Chiefs.  They have been doing duo jobs for Indian Motorcycles and traveled a lot with this concept. It is a pretty hefty rock package, with a soft side when need be.  We did a one-month tour all over Germany, a really fun trip.

Stephen Carlson: 


Born in Ørebro Sweden 1967 started playing trumpet when he was 6 years old, and started with guitar and band when he was 10. Was in several bands in the 80s in Ørebro, including Just For Fun, with whom he recorded a single and also went on a small tour in Germany for the fall of the wall. Stephen moved to Norway in the fall of 1990 He has been a session musician in Oslo in the late 90s where he was on various rap records etc! Has played with Jørn Lande, Angela Brown, Andrew Strong, Sharrie Williams, Peer Gynt, Stephen Ackles, Paal Flaate, Never The Bride, and more during Juleblues in Trondheim. He met Gil for the first time in 2016 when they were asked if he wanted to come to Austria and play at Europe's biggest MC treff in Faaker See. After that, they played in teams in various constellations. Stephen also plays regularly with Melodic Passion, Flames Of Fire and Peter Carlsohn's the Rise from Sweden, Brotthogg, Mr Hansen Band with whom he has released albums. Also plays in a duo called CarlsMo and takes on freelance oppdag and studio jobs.

Cheverolet - Gil Edwards
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