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Back in with Indian Motorcycles After Covid Shut Down

After having been estranged for a year and a half because of Covid 19 Shut Down, I finally had a good talk with Indian and I am Proudly back on board as  Brand Ambassador for the company.  Life has a great way of working out.



A new album is in the works.

The strange times we have been living in have had both negative and positive effects on me. The negative we all share, the positive is the time for woodshedding and inspiration. Inspiration comes from the strangest places. Sometimes you just need to look into yourself and there it is. I am not writing an album about covid, but I have been inspired by the stories I have read about people's experiences as well as my own. I have always been interested in the world around me, politics, pandemics, which all have hundreds of stories I can draw from. All in all, I think this will be fun.

An update about the new album is in the works.

The just keeps coming. I have started a songwriting collaboration With Sigbjørn Holmslet. For those of you who might not know that name, Sigbjørn and I collaborated on my first two album releases. He is an amazing guitarist, a gifted tune smith, and a good friend. This is going to be a real pleasure.

Cheverolet - Gil Edwards
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